What qualifications do you need to be a journalist ?

It appears from this exchange on Donal Blaney's blog that the only qualifiaction you need to be a journalist is the ability to spell. Certainly checking the validity of a piece of research or checking out if the piece is 10 years old or not is something Mr Blaney is less interested in. It's odd, because I though thte term "News" came from the fact that it is something "new".

Further background to the story can be found on the Cassillis blog.

Oh, and in news just in, England have just won the world cup, just in case it is true that Mr Blaney reports on news that is that old.


Donal Blaney said...

Tee hee, aren't you and Cassilis so, so clever. Proof that those who can, do, those who can't, teach, and those who can't teach, set up a blog called Norfolk Blogger.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'd rather sweep streets than be is pig iognorant as you.

No wonder you want FOX over here, It's a joke in the US, its tabloid TV news, yes, you'd be very at home.

Oh, and your cliche about "those who can" show's how thick you are. Surely journalists should be more original ?

Donal Blaney said...

I'm sure we can arrange for you to sweep the streets, Norfolk Booger. I fear you may be underqualified, however.

I'm not a journalist so I'm perfectly free to argue or post however I see fit. Given that you are a "qualified teacher" (quite how I typed that without dissolving into fits of giggles, I'm not sure) it shows quite how intellectually insecure you are that you have had to resort to calling me thick just because I take the view that Fox News has a worthy place in the news marketplace.

But as you work for the state what do you know about how markets work anyway...

Norfolk Blogger said...

Ahh, that old chestnut of "if you work for ... then ..."

It's the same argument as saying that if you've never been to Paris you don't believe the Eiffel Tower exists.

Anonymous said...

So Blaney, when will you address the point of using 10 year old info ?

Paul Pinfield said...

News Flash:

"Whether I choose to engage in debate with readers depends on whether they are worth debating. If their sole purpose is to goad me, insult me or desperately try to drive traffic to their sites, I usually won't bother. Unlike you guys I have a living to earn".

Donal Blaney is an arrogant c*nt

Nich, please ban this waste of space. His writing hurts my eyes...

Oh, and just in case there is any doubt about his being a c*nt, he refers to himself in the third person, such as:

Blaney is a little tired of the superficiality of Britain's Got Talent.

Blaney is at Wembley for England v USA: no liveblog of Britain's Got Talent tonight!

Blaney backs the boys from the Bridge against Man Ure tonight.

Donal couldn't care less about the FA Cup Final today.

Donal is impressed with Jersey: less grotty than the BVI and less remote than Bermuda.

Peace out man!

Anonymous said...

The man is a cock.

jailhouselawyer said...

Who is this Donut Blarney anyway?