Is this the most boring campaign website ever ?

I don't know if the Tories are deliberately trying to suppress interest in the Henley by-election, but their campaign website certainly goes some way towards creating the impression that watching paint dry would be a better option.

Check it out HERE to see just how dreadfully dull it is.


Anonymous said...

Nich, it's Henley on Thames! It's probably rip-roaringly exciting compared to day to day life in Henley, Thame or 'Goering-on-Thames'

Anonymous said...

Hmmm don't see the problem really.

It doesn't set the world on fire, but it is, after all, a by-election in a safe seat.

I wouldn't call it dreadfully dull by a long chalk.

Paul said...

What's particularly dull about it?

It's no more dull that Simon Wright's website!

In fact I'd say as a 'design' it's better than Simon's.

Unknown said...

I wasn't aware there was a by-election in Norwich South Paul.

Chalk and Cheese ?

Paul said...

Yes you are quite correct Nich - there isn't a by-election in Norwich South.

But a website is a website./

And Simon is campaigning to win Norwich South - or is he?

By-election now - general election in 2 years ?? Same thing really.

Unknown said...

No Paul. A parliamentary by-election is very different from a general election. The level of central support, party activists and pres sinterest is massivly higher than normal and every aspect of the campaign is put under scrutiny and is expected to be better than normal.

I suggest you visit a by-election to see what I mean.

Paul said...

OK Nich you've made you point but I don't agree with you.

You state that the Tory website is dreadfully dull.

It's not. Neither is it fantastically great. If you're going to be persnickety about it I'd have to say that the Henley Lib Dem website is a mess!

Where do you start and what's with the green colouring?

Paul said...

BTW Nich,

Before you make wide sweeping statements about individuals you'd better check your facts.

Do you know for a fact that I haven't helped out at a (Lib Dem) by-election.

Until you do I suggest that you retract you last sentence.

Unknown said...

The sentence was "I suggest you visit a by-election to see what I mean."

I cannot see how this is libellous or actionable. I would offer this advice to anyone who has or has not been to one recently, particularly as the nature of internet campaigning is developing month on month.

Paul, you do, in my opinion, have it in for the Lib Dems in your area, and for Simon Wright. I have no frontline involvement in politics as I am taking a sabbatical from politics for a few years to concentrate on my family. However, if you are so upset I would suggest you did what I did when I came and helped you those many times in Nelson Ward ten years ago, and that is to hit the streets and lead by example.