How did you get here ? - Lewis Hamilton is an arrogant @*$@*$

Every week I look threw my blog stats to see who has got to my blog via an obscure search engine search.

This weeks search shows someone does not like Lewis Hamilton. I guess this blog search shows that the story the Google search linked to on my blog was not as silly as some people first thought.

As for me, since I wrote it he has grown on me even more. I like him, the point I was making was that there are lots of people who don't, and it is nothing to do with his race as they are the same sort of people who like Barack Obama.

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Anonymous said...

your so right mate.
jenson deserved that drive -he is loyal and taken crap from the press
but has stuck with it.
just another case of using his creed im afraid arrogent little daddys boy.
go back to training in gp2
your not worthy to be an f1 driver
little boy with a gap tooth that looks like CRAZY FROG!!!