Are the Conservatives "Home and Dry" in Henley By-Election ?

Having spoken to a Tory friend of mine this evening his view is that despite a vigorous Lib Dem campaign, the Tories are home and dry with a safe win. Certainly the betting on Betfair supports this, but what is the feeling on the ground ? Bookies and Betfair have been known to get in wrong before (notably in Dunfermline), but given the current political landscape, anything but a safe Tory win would be unthinkable, wouldn't it ?


Anonymous said...

Nich, Only a Tory can afford to live in Henley. So the whole thing along with the result will become a non event. I suspect that the other non event (David Davies seat) will actually be given more coverage. If they put up a Tory mascot goat in Henley it would still win.

But to say can the Tories lose Henley, is probably like saying something like 'Can the Tories ever win in Tottenham.' Certainly not in our lifetime.

We often say when challenged with daft questions 'Is the Pope Catholic.' But I heard a better one recently, and it was 'Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back.'


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Paul Pinfield said...

Come on Nich! I have voted LibDem all of my life, but no-one would be more surprised than me if the Tories were booted.

The tide is with them...

Anonymous said...

'Can the Tories ever win in Tottenham?'

Quite simply, yes - with time and effort.

Bill Quango MP said...

Even I can't afford to live in Henley.
fortunately the taxpayer pays for a house nearby for me.