Well if my experience is anything to go by, Labour could be hit by low turnouts

Part of my school grounds, in a ward that typically elects Labour councillors, has a polling station in it every year, so as someone with a more than passing interest in politics it is always interesting to see the activity that goes on.

In previous years we have seen tellers for the Lib Dems and Labour, but not this year. But the most surprising thing was that in the 45 minutes I was outside taking a PE lesson today, not one person came to vote. This is a polling station that covers about 400 or more houses, where more than a thousands registered voters live, and yet nobody was coming out to vote.

As I left school this evening at six o'clock, I spoke to one of the polling staff who was stretching his legs. I asked him if it was as quiet as it looked, and he said turnout was only one third of what it would typically be by 10pm and that it was looking likely that turnout would be significantly down. he also reported other Norwich polling stations were noticing less people voting.

Now I am fully aware that more people vote by post, but you have to wonder if there are a lot of Labour voters staying at home today.


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Alasdair W said...

I live in a ward that has two labour councillors and an independent (who is simple conservative) that they're hoping to get rid of, they should demographically as it's a poor ward. But with a low turnout it's going to be very difficult. My mother said it seemed to be quite.

asquith said...

All the usual twats who were predicting Lib Dem losses would appear to be wrong, then. This Tory revival is shallow, it's just based on Labour unpopularity and Boris' celebrity status. All the mongs that are voting for them won't come back for more.

Anonymous said...

Here's a story you might like.

A certain Tory blogger and Norwich Cllr lost his car keys at the count.

Then when he got to the car park he thought he had had his car stolen.

After searching high and low he finally found it with the keys still in the door.

in his words, "Idiot of the night."

Johnny Norfolk said...

At last the British people are waking up from the Labour nightmare.

Labour will soon be back in the wilderness where they belong. They have ruined Britain again as the did in the 60s, only this time its worse. i wish the tories all the best in re building if its not to late after another 2 years of overspending by Labour. Rejoice.