Well done Portsmouth

I have to say I have really enjoyed watching the FA Cup final this afternoon. It was so nice to know that one of the so called "Big 4" was not going to win something for once.

Well done too to Harry Redknapp and Cardiff Manager Dave Jones who have both triumphed in the face of adversity, both being subject to very different but significant baseless accusations which have proved to have no foundation in truth.

And finally, well done to those Cardiff fans who stayed behind to applaud Porstmouth.


Anonymous said...

it completely lived down to my under expectations.


Norfolk Blogger said...

As a season ticket holder at Norwich I am rather used to this type of match.

Paul Pinfield said...

As a Barnsley, supporter, I am saddened that were were not there today. I would have liked to see Cardiff win, but it is good to see a non-top 4 victory.

I agree with your comments about Harry Redknapp and Dave Jones having been put through the ringer for no good reason.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Well done Pompey. Last won the cup in 1939 and fitingly held it through WW2. A great city the home of The Royal Navy.
Hearts of Oak is very fitting.

Great Gifts said...

Well done. Nothing exciting, but nice to have different teams in the final for a change.