If other parties did it we would accuse them of being scared

For most of the 1990's you were hard pressed to find a Conservative candidate willing to use the word "Conservative" on their leaflets, so damaged was it as a brand and ever since 2003, the same can be said for Labour party candidates too who were none too willing to have their party logo in big letters any more. So it is odd, as Gavin's Gaily Gigest points out, for the Lib Dems to be so keen to avoid using the words "Liberal Democrat" on a letter to supporters.

Firstly, the "brand" is hardly tainted. with much more buoyant poll ratings lately, so it does seem a little odd for us to look like we are scared to have the party name or logo on a letter.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Its all smoke and mirrors, spin, lies and do you trust an MP.

We are all sick of them.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I trut most MPs. I have met a few, from three political parties, and most of them are good people.

thechristophe said...

perhaps something to do with expenses and the fact that the writ hasn't been placed yet? Just speculating but maybe there is a rule on campaign financing that makes it more cost effective to wait until the election is called before everything becomes official election material...

Anonymous said...

If most of them are good people, why are we getting such a bad job from them.
It took them a year to realise that the 10p tax debacle would hit the poorest?

Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, I have to disagree with you about the state of the LibDems lately. I have voted LibDem for as long as I can remember. However, the current crop of non-entities do not enthuse me at all. The only LibDem who comes across as human, other than Charlie, is Vince Cable.

So, who to vote for????

Johnny Norfolk said...

Not from where I sit. Self serving and not interested in the people. Lets tie their salaries and expenses to to pension increases for the people.

You have to look after yourself, just look at what Brown has done for pensions. Gold plated for MPs and civil servants at the cost of robbing the pensions from the private sector. Taxing us out of all proportion. fiddling the figures on inflation, crime, NHS ect. No vote on the EU as promised. Taxing the poorest. I think you need to wake up to the real world.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Obviously local circumstances dictate things. I was lucky to be living in a Lib Dem held MP who is highly regarded (which is why his majority increased by 10,000) at the last election. However, the point I was making was that the Lib Dems is not a tarnished brand names like the other parties have/had.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Not tarnised like the way they treated Charles Kennedy and Cambell.Dont make me laugh.

When it comes to real things thats how they behaved.

Neil Fawcett said...


Thanks for giving further publicity to our efforts to get people to come and help the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT campaign in Henley.

As LIBERAL DEMOCRAT blogger Paul Walter commented on Gavin's blog, this letter was simply meant to be a slightly more personal letter from me in contrast to the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS party branded stuff that comes out of LIBERAL DEMOCRAT HQ.

I'm still a bit of a newby at this LIBERAL DEMOCRAT by-election lark and will try better in future.


Neil F.