House of Commons loses fight to stop expenses being published

The House of Commons has lost its rather disgraceful legal fight to prevent details of MP's expenses claims being made available to the public.

Sadly, some MPs and senior HoC officials chose to try and block voters from finding out what MPs actually spend their money on. One argument used to try and prevent this information being published was that it would put MPs at risk and make them less secure. Obviously some MPs forgot that their address is actually published on the ballot paper every time they stand for election.

What will be interesting will be to see who has made the most ludicrous expenses claims. Press reports some months ago suggested that in some cases MP's claims could be very embarrassing and might mean some would be forced to consider their position.

Either way, those who have abused the system will be caught out and hopefully people will see that some MPs are not all crooks as they have all in recent weeks been tarred with the same brush of sleaze because of a few individuals like Derek Conway.


Johnny Norfolk said...

What have they got to hide. MPs dealings should be the most tranparent in the country. It is this sort of thing that make people sick of them and their dodgy dealings. Has Clegg published his yet. ?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Clegg, as promised, published his the other day (Wednesday I think).

Johnny Norfolk said...

Tried to avoid it, but then he is a millionare out of the EU.Just what we dont want, Never been in the real world to earn a crust.

Paul Pinfield said...

"House of Commons loses fight to stop expenses being published"