Comments I wont publish

As a great believer in freedom of speech, there are few things I won't allow to be published as comments on this blog. If you look through the comments you will see that I like debate, I encourage feedback and have a very thick hide! However, if your comment is a string of deliberately personal abuse with absolutely no intellectual comment whatsoever, expect it not to be published. I guarantee you that I will take less time and effort deleting it than you will writing it in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Fish Face!

Johnny Norfolk said...

I knew you would not be able to take the heat, All I have said I beleive. It is just a different view to your own that you dont like. You slag off all sorts of people, but dont like it in return.

It a pity as I knew the LibDems like Labour do not like free speech.

Try and find that large free car park in Dereham Behind the Cherry Tree pub.. It is not as pleasant a town as Fakenham but it is free parking.

No hard feelings

Johnny Norfolk.

Anonymous said...

I put a 'Rules' page on my blog, which clearly states no swearing and no abuse - meaning that I can delete such comments with a clean conscience, even though I am a fierce defender of free speech.

jailhouselawyer said...

Likewise. I just delete them, and am amused if on another blog I am attacked for censorship by the abuser who seems to think insulting the blog author is a reasonable comment.

Norfolk Blogger said...

JOhnny - I took this text from another blog, a Tory blog, the blog of a Tory from Norfolk in fact. I notice you didn't accuse him of censorship.

Two faced ?

Johnny Norfolk said...

Me never. I am very consistant, and I do not know what Tory blog you are refering to. Censorship should be used with a very light hand and I would say that about anybody.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I guessed you wouldn't have seen it, after all, it would mean you'd have to criticise a tory and take your blinkers off.

It's like the three wise monkeys all in one person.