Another reason why Fakenham is still a great place

I used to live, teach and do my politics in Fakenham for a number of years and despite moving away from the North Norfolk town, still go there to shop regularly.

Now I know I am biased because the people of Fakenham once elected me with 66% of the vote, but I think Fakenham is a cracking place to live. Sadly I was cut up by a Tesco delivery lorry whilst I was there travelling along a road that Tesco promised they wouldn't use, but otherwise its a safe place to live with all the shops you would need.

So why eulogise ? Well I have been trying all week to get hold of Wii Fit, the latest offering from Nintendo, and it appears that there is a shortage of them right across the country. You cannot even order them of the internet. So it is another feather in the cap of Fakenham that I should go in to Woolworths today and be able to buy Wii Fit when you cannot get it anywhere else in the country.


Johnny Norfolk said...

I go into Fakenham ( Liberal North Norfolk) and am charged 60p an hour to park.

Shop in Derehamm ( Conservative Mid Norfolk ) and its free.

Squeeze every penny out of the people a la Lib/Lab.

Power to the people Conservative.

Unknown said...

I go to Fakenham, i can park. i go to Dereham, there is no parking.

Fact 1 - If North Norfolk received the same government grant that Breckland receives then everyone in North norfolk could ahve their council tax cut by 15% and all parking could be free.

Fact 2 - Breckland has no tourist parking needs because it has no tourists.

Fact 3 - North Norfolk DC has to protect a coastline which costs several hundred thousands pounds a year. breckland does not.

Fact 4 - You are an ill educated idiot who spouts off knowing no facts.

asquith said...

I myself have never been to Fakenham, or any part of Norfolk. Though I've heard it's an all right place. I was at Keele with someone who was from Attleborough.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

"Squeeze every penny out of the people a la Lib/Lab."

You've never tried Westminster, then.

There's not much wrong with Fakenham: the Grammar School educated my generation (and my mother's) reasonably well. It's main problem (and, in other ways, advantage) is that it's not Wells.

Fortunately, it's also not Dereham, which has grown out of all proportion to local need. Dereham's barely the right side of bloated. It still has St Nicholas, though, one of the nicest fanes not obligatory to the regular church-crawls of East Anglia, and where they still do the liturgy properly.

Anonymous said...

and it's got one of the only three gasworks in UK (others at Biggar and Northern Ireland)

Disgusted Grange-over-Snads

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Fakenham has one of "the only three gasworks in UK"? And from 1845, too, as I somehow recall.

However, you've omitted from the count Westminster, Pàlamaid na h-Alba, Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru, and Castle Buildings in Belfast (which last one seems to have three linguistic entities, and therefore qualifies as the worst polluter of the lot). Suppress a speech; save a tree!

But Fakenham has also got a gas museum. Top that, if you can.

Disgruntled, Muswell Hill.