So false. So David Cameron

The BBC seemed very excited about the Webcameron coverage if David Cameron's reaction to the result in London last night. Over and over again they showed it as we were led to believe that David Cameron was in such suspense over the result.

Of course, everyone knew the result some time before 11:57 when it was officially announced. Are we honestly to believe nobody had phoned Cameron with the result ? Nobody texted hm to let him know and that he had not been watching any TV or listening to the radio who had already announced that Boris had won ?

No wonder people complain about politicians being so false.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

I think you're jealous!


Daily Referendum said...


He was reacting to the official announcement.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Tories have got anything to get too excited about. What in the hecks name has Boris got in common with real people.. Or Cameron for that fact.
I think people will vote in a lame Labour Government rather than have those Tories back in when the General Election comes round.
People weren't really voting to put Boris in. I think they were voting to get Ken OUT. That's the way politics works sometimes.

I voted for Paddick so that neither of the other two comedians would get my vote. And no it wasn't compulsory to give a second Mayoral vote, as I didn't.
It may be a dream, but in my lifetime I would like to see the disbanding of the Conservative Party, something we all thought would happen in 1997.
And I still do NOT think they will win the next General Election.


Anonymous said...

If the London result was repeated in general election

Labour would gain seats

London actually had a swing to Labour