The utter stupidity of Labour's solution to the 10p tax crisis

This afternoon Labour let the press know that they had a partial solution to the crisis within Labour ranks over the abolishing of the 10p tax rate.

In response to serious concerns that 5.3 million people would be worse off under these tax proposals. with the vast bulk of these being people earning less than £18,000 a year, the Labour government were going to extend the remit of an existing investigation in to poverty to look at the causes of poverty of those earning less than £18,000 each year.

So in layman's terms, due to Labour making people earning less than £18K a year poorer, Labour want to investigate why people earning less than £18K a year are poorer.

Is it me or am I missing something?

You see, I think I actually have the answer to the question and we don't need to hold any sort of enquiry or start any sort of investigation. As far as I can tell the reason these people are poorer is because of Labour's budget.

Absolutely incredible.


Daily Referendum said...


Curly said...

The abolition of the 10p tax rate will succeed in locking even more people into the client state as tax credits become even more attractive. I find it astonishing that Labour MPs on Tyneside think that the answer to low pay is to shift more civil servants away from London, rather than reinstating the 10p rate.

Johnny Norfolk said...

A labour government making the poorest worse off. What would have been said if the Tories had done this.
It just reflects how Labour are, and have always been, unfit to govern.
No problem finding money for the banks though.

Anonymous said...

This government is a Monty Python sketch gone wrong

Semaj Mahgih said...

More than incredible, Nich - it's now in the realm of cloud cuckoo land.

Andy W said...


There are 351 Labour MPs - of those around 70 may vote against - or to put it another way 281 will vote FOR increasing tax on the poorest.

At some time maybe Labour would like to explain exactly what they stand for.

As it stands they are keen on illegal wars, nuclear proliferation and taxing the poor.

Stephen Glenn said...

Curly I checking into the working Tax Credit even checked out the IR's calculator. Was relieved to find out I was eleigible for a working tax credit.

Until I found out the amount £0.00. Where do I queue to claim this attractive offset to my heavier tax burden?

I'm just glad I'm one of the skilled workers around here and earn that bit more.

Anonymous said...

Their 'inquiry' should probably look at why Gordon Brown thinks we are stupid enough not to notice the effect of these changes.

dan said...

Brilliant!! You should be in number 10. With insight like that i'm certain you could teach badger a thing or two.

jailhouselawyer said...

Like the Diana crash and the Iraq war, we know what happened so why waste taxpayers money telling us what we already know? Labour has made the poor poorer, it does not require an inquiry to establish the fact. You are not alone.

Phil A said...

Re: ”Is it me or am I missing something?”

Yes. The child poverty issue and New-Labour’s target of reducing it to halfe by 2010. Sadly if you factor that in it all makes more sense.