An Inconvenient Truth for some Tories

The world, it appears, falls in to two camps. 95% of the world appears to believe that global warming has been made worse by humans, and go along with the 95% of scientific research that backs up this view.

Then there is the other 5%, mainly in this country Conservative supporters, who cannot believe for one moment that the efforts of commerce and industry have done anything to make global warming worse and they put it all down to the BBC who according to them are "peddling lies about global warming".

So it is an Inconvenient Truth for them that the Al Gore film, an Inconvenient Truth is being promoted so heavily by Sky News, the news channel these same Tories turn to in order to point out the BBC's supposed bias on this issue.

Imagine the fuss amongst these Tories if the BBC had decided to show and promote the film quite as heavily as Sky News are. And what do we hear from the Tories when it is Sky who are doing this ... the sweet sound of silence. After all, the inconvenient truth for those Tories is that global warming it is not a BBC conspiracy after all.


Quiet_Man said...

Oh yes the propaganda piece by Al (not a scientist) Gore. You really ought to do more research before posting erroneous statistics.

This site http://www.lifestyleextra.com/ShowStory.asp?story=AY2638954S&news_headline=three_quarters_believe_global_warming_a_natural_occurrence

"ALMOST three quarters of people believe global warming is a 'natural occurrence' and not a result of carbon emissions, a survey claimed today.

This goes against the views of the vast majority of scientists who believe the rise in the earth's temperatures is due to pollution.

The online study which polled nearly 4000 votes found that a staggering 71 percent of people think that the rise in air temperature happens naturally.

And 65 percent think that scientists' catastrophic predictions if pollution isn't curbed are 'far fetched'."

Not quite 95% is it now?

Johnny Norfolk said...

The truth is that global temps have not risen since 1998. It has all been based on forecasts not fact.
It is far to early to assume what we have been told was correct. When I found out that temps had NOT increased since 1998 it make me even more sceptical, and you should look at it from the other side and think more freely and not follow the tax raising scare tactics.

Anonymous said...

Lifestyle extra ? Top quality research that. i mean, everyone goes on about the "Lifestyle Extra" surveys.

It's like taking a survey from TV Quick.

Anonymous said...

The good news is... if you're right NB... Norfolk will be the first under-water.

Anonymous said...

My advice, as I give to companies, is to tread softly on the climate change issue.
The more we learn of climate change the more Al Gore looks like an opportunistic wunderkid making millions of dollars out of a theory founded on common guilt.
Check out the worldwide blogs on this issue, while attempting to avoid the eco warriors who will not be changed, and you find that your article is way over the top.

TrevorH said...

Mr NB,

you have just stood in the dumb shit.

Global warming is a scam. Temperatures go up and down.

If you want to learn more about the origins of this scam, read all you can about Maurice Strong. I am not wasting my breath on it ... all self respecting bloggers should know enough about his and times to never trust an international organisation/ treaty/report ever again.

ThunderDragon said...

Ignoring the issues over climate change, the difference is that Sky is a private company and the BBC are publicly funded.