The "last man standing" principle of victory, according to George Bush

Good news everyone. George W Bush has announced the "victory" in Iraq today ! Let's put out the flags and bunting and celebrate this joyous victory of good over evil ! Right ? Well, of course not.

This latest announcement of victory comes only five years after George W Bush first announced victory in Iraq, just before the insurgency got in to full swing. So his success record on claiming victories is not exactly stunning.

Of course this was a war that America could not really lose, given Iraq's tiny population and America's vast armed forces, but America has clung on in Iraq due to enormous stubbornness from George W Bush whilst tens of thousands of Iraqis have died due to the abysmal way Mr Bush and his cronies have mismanaged the US army, the various strategies and the money.

The truth is that despite claims that the US troop surge was the turning point, the real reason the US has not been beaten in Iraq is more down to an absolute fatigue amongst the various militias and the insurgency. The fact that Moqtada Al Sadr has had his Mehdi Army on ceasefire for six months is more significant than any increase in US troop numbers.

Whilst Bush might want the world to believe the US won a war, in many ways the insurgency was and still is a war of America's own making.

The truth is that thousands of US soldiers, coalition forces and Iraqis have died in order to allow George W Bush to get revenge for his father not getting Saddam in 1990. In many ways though the victory should be remembered much in the same way as the so called victories in World War One, with phyrric victories being based on capturing ten yards of land and having five more men left standing at the end of the battle than the enemy has.

George, have your "last man standing" victory if you want. For the rest of us, we will still remember Iraq as a disaster of your making.


Alexfromnorfolk said...

You dont fancy GW then?

I wasnt aware that it was the policy for our and American soldiers to go around and slaughter the Iraq people?

Are we and them not fighting the insurgency?

GW is a prat theres no doubt about that. Are the soldiers and generals?

I do not agree with the Americans influence in the middle east. Isreal acts like Nazis at times.
However it is fair to say that the Islamic states are not to clever either.

I beleive any person has the right to freedom as long as they live within the laws. Suddam (deseased) and the rest of the dictators dont give or allow that option.

Do nothing aproach is safe but not right.

I never thought Iraq was about Victory, I thought it was about freedom,the very thing the insurgency are fighting against.

Jo Jo said...

Bush doesn't know what he's talking about, or he just keeps talking and thinks people might believe him. That war's not over and it never will be. He went over there and just irritated a nest full of wasps. When you fight with a people that are down, it makes them stronger. I could go on and say some very nasty things about us. Help - I'm trapped over here in a country being lead by a numskull.