A judge who blames the parents - Well said Your Honour

After the conviction of a 15 year old thug for the murder of a 20 year old girl in a senseless attack in a park with his mates, the judge has made clear comments criticising the parents of those involved.

According to the BBC website the judge said

"They have just done it without thinking but they have seemed to have enjoyed it and carried on remorselessly kicking at two very defenceless people who were unable to protect themselves because of the level of violence inflicted upon them. "

"There was a total lack of parental control. "

"I am very critical of some of the parents involved. I really don't think they have taken completely seriously how repulsive this incident was."

He said that when Harris was initially interviewed about the assaults he was "laughing and joking" with his mother.

When I suggested a few days ago that people are correct to see a link between poor parenting and anti social behaviour in school, some people commented that it was a teacher making excuses. The problem is that what happens when they are outside of the home and outside of a school environment. With parents not teaching their children to be responsible for their actions, or in this case laughing with their kids as details of the sickening murder they have carried out are relayed to them, what does that say about the parenting skills of some in the country.

Personally, and queue the list of people accusing me of being illiberal, its about time some basic parenting classes were introduced. I await the howls of derision.


Johnny Norfolk said...

I dont know the background to this case. What I do know is in bringing up our son who is now nearly 40 was not at all easy. It is easy to just blame parents but I know at first hand how difficult it is. There was not anywhere near enough discipline at school with leftie weak teachers who were not fit or able to train children.
It is much wider problem and I hold schools mainly to blame. They should stop trying to make children happy and get back to control and organisation. No wonder they dont want the army in schools it must make the teachers look pathetic.

Quiet_Man said...

Normally I'd agree about the parenting classes, however with this bunch of idiots currently in charge coming up with a policy on it, it would probably only end up making things worse.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Predictable Tory attacking the teachers. So SO boring.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to not that child abuse and child murders were much more prevalent 40 years ago. Presumably this was down to the education you received long long ago when you were a child ?

The teachers you held in such high regard must be to blame.

Johnny Norfolk said...

If you have children out of control and their parents are out of control. Then the system should step in. All that happens is that money is given to problem families and they hope for the best. What we see now are the results of these softly softly policies driven by the left/liberels. These are the people that are resonsible for where we are ending up as a country. We need a more realistic tougher responce to these people at an earlier stage. School is where it should start, as there is no chance with these type of parents. sad but true.

Bill Quango MP said...

Make no mistake.This is a serious matter.
I will not dither or delay on this difficult question and so I have decided to set up a review body which will look into parenting and tne possibility of parenting classes in the medium to long term future. The review will report in our lunchtime.

This government is committed to be tough on children and tough of the causes of children .. [whatever that may be] whilst meeting our targets on children and growth of children.