Apprentice "Toff" shows that we are not a classless society

The Apprentice last night on BBC1 was the typical entertaining hour that those of us who are fans of the show have come to expect. But the show did highlight an appalling lack of "class" from some contestants who believe that their own "class" put them above the rest.

Sir Alan chose to fire Nicholas de Lacy Brown, a straight "A" student and barrister who despite only making a small error on pricing up goods, chose to launch an astonishing attack on his project manager for "not being educated", in that he did not go to a private school and people who "talk about football" were not worthy of his time.

As a result, the project manager called Alex was saved by Sir Alan Sugar seemingly because two toffs had it in for the "normal guy".

Nicholas de Lacy Brown thought on the show afterwards on BBC 2 (The Apprentice - Your Fired), that he came over well, even though the studio audience didn't share his opinion because what the show revealed was a dreadful snobbishness amongst some people still exists where they feel that their school tie counts for much more than the way you treat people.

The good news was that East End boy and self made man Alan Sugar has no time for people who rely on double barrelled names and old school ties, he wants people who can walk the walk, not talk the talk, and I bet plenty of the 6.4 million viewers last night were as pleased as I was to see the patronising toff get fired.


headless said...

What I saw was the incredible chip on the NorthernBully's shoulder. PoshBarrister was clearly set up and did a pretty good job overall on his task.

Granted, he cocked up a bit, but hardly surprising given the complete lack of leadership and support shown last night from NorthernBully, who came across as incompetent and full of himself - eg at the first task meeting re choosing a leader: "I'll step up to the plate if no one else is willing to". I mean, come on!

PoshBarrister's comments about education and football were taken completely out of context. They were in response to comments made by NorthernBully and not an "attack".

Credit however to NorthernBully for his ruthless thinking and for turning them very quickly to his apparent advantage.

I would have fired him, though, no question.

If it did show a class/culture difference, it was that that yobbish bullying behaviour gets you everywhere in modern Britain.

Great start to the series though! I've already whacked it into Sky+ to make sure we don't miss any!

(From my point of view as a middle class, early 30's, GSCE only educated, male)

Norfolk Blogger said...

Headless, I made the point that Nicjolas did not do a lot wrong. However, what he did do to deend himself showed a dreadful attitude towards ordinary normal people who didn't go to private school, don;t visit art galleries and attend football matches.

Its not what he did wrong in the task, it was the apparent impression he gave that he thought better of himself because of certain advantages he had been given in life and to me that lacked class.

I agree that Alex from early on was seeking to make him a scapegoat but at least he did volunteer unlike Raef who was like something out of the 1930 in his brovado, but lacked any backbone when offerd the chance to be project leader.

Tristan said...

It cuts both ways.
Some people wouldn't think of hiring a 'posh' person because of their background...

Its all wrong in my opinion, but those who discriminate are the ones who lose out ultimately.

Johnny Norfolk said...

The leftie BBC would have made sure this kind of 'toff' was included. It takes all sorts to make a world and your class hatred is dissapointing NB.

Here in Norfolk our local 'Squires' are the most pleasant caring people you could wish to meet.

Anonymous said...

"O jealousy, thous ugliest fiend of hell! they deadly venom preys on my vitals, turns the healthful hue of my flesh check to haggard sallowness and Drinks my spirit up! Hannah More

Norfolk Blogger said...

Norfolk squares are a thing of the past. Live this century, not the one before last.

I have no problem with toffs, the recih or the enobled. I do have a problem with anyone who referes to someone who didn't go to private school as "not educated" or desribing someone as being useless for not going to galleries and attending football matches.

You need to read what I wrote before jumping to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he looked like David Cameron was reason enough to get rid of him.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Look its just a TV show, lighten up. The BBC will have manipulated it to have this reaction. You should try to understand people from all sorts of backgrounds and work with them. Class hatred should have no place either way.I would rather these people than some thug that mugs people in the street. Regretably these days many that have not been to private school are not properly educated.

But there are people like this in the world and you have to work with them.