Are we to assume the Tories will be so forgiving of others ?

Aside from some rather forthright criticism of David Cameron by Boris Johnston today, Tories seem to be of the opinion that David Cameron has done nothing wrong and that what he did was almost amusing. for perhaps the first time in my life I find myself in agreement with Boris rather than the bulk of Tory bloggers who have either ignored Dave's transgressions or seen to make light of it.

I wondered what a couple of Tory bloggers thought when Charles Kennedy was caught out having a crafty cigarette a few months ago to see if they were so forgiving. Iain Dale thought Kennedy was a hypocrite, whilst others seemed to think the Kennedy story was worth reporting whilst staying oddly silent about "call me Dave" and his cycling offences.

So it seems the Tories are far more willing to forgive someone who is a danger to other cyclists, pedestrians and cars than you might normally imagine.

Is this a sign of the Tories much more forgiving attitude under David Cameron or a sign of massive hypocrisy ? Well we'll find out the next time someone in another political party commits a misdemeanour.

For me the oddest thing about the whole affair was David Cameron's quote "I know it is important to obey traffic laws - but I have obviously made mistakes on this occasion and I am sorry,"

The key words are "mistakes on this occasion". No Dave, you were filmed on three separate occasions over three weeks. Everyone is entitles to a one off mistake, but three mistakes over three weeks surely makes you a serial offender.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Good for David Cameron. I am sick of labours police state. rules for this & rules for that you cant do this or than, a fine if you put your bin out on the wrong day or put the wrong thing in the bin.

Real criminals are let out early or given soft sentances

We should be removing traffic lights & one way streets & let people sort themselves out.

Anonymous said...

That's the sort of comment that also lets Derek Conway off the hook. Typical Tories defending their own.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I am a liberal in the trus sense of the word. Less state (Labour) control and more freedom for the individual. The trouble with Labour is that they do not interfear with what they should and interfear in what they shouldnt.

jailhouselawyer said...

Are you sure Dave isn't a trickcyclist?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Johnny, you made the argument for no lawas at all. this is not liberalism, its anarchy.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I want justice not laws comming out of our ears made by labour just to raise money. traffic management made by car haters to slow down traffic for its own sake because they hate people trying to make a living while they just want to make our lives more difficult.
Laws made by people that are up to dodgy dealing all the time.
You need to open you eyes to what is going on.