I'm pleased it's been said, but for teachers it's been obvious for years

So someone has finally put their head above the parapet and stated that parents who indulge or spoil their children are more likely to turn their kids in to unruly trouble makers at school.

It's not rocket science, but it is so obvious to anyone who has been in a classroom.

I have taught many children in my years of teaching who know that they can manipulate their parents and get frustrated and disruptive when their first encounter me or another teacher and find that they must take responsibility for their actions. In most cases teachers have been able to help turn the pupil's behaviour around and have probably been the only person in their life at that point who says "no" and means it.

The greatest kindness a parent can do is to teach a child that no means no and that they will have to work for things, try hard to achieve, and that life will not be served up for them on a plate.


Johnny Norfolk said...

So here we go again poor teachers blaming the parents for lack of disipline.If they cannot control children it is their fault not the parents. I would not have any teacher that has not first spent a few years doing a proper job. They go to School, go to university and the go back to school as a teacher. Most teachers I have met are wet liberal/lefties who have no idea at all about the wider world. If we had teachers that had to work for private companies and turn a profit they would understand what the world is about.
And Brown and co would like to get rid of any good areas and bring them down to LCD.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Why is it that it takes a research team from a top uni, or a quango to tell us what is so bleeding obvious?

Listen to the news most days and there's some enlightened report about burgers making kids fat, or kids from single parent families not doing so well at school, or some such.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Johnny Norfolk - Your own comments highlight how corret I am.

I have had a real job (seven years for an insurance company) followed by a year working on a children's activity playscheme. So by your own judgments, I am the sort of teacher "you" want to see, which means my comments must be correct.

Many thanks.

Johnny Norfolk said...

You are the exception rather than the rule. This country has been totaly let down by the teaching establishment.We were just begining to move in the right direction when Labour got rid of Chris Woodhead he was the best bet this country had. My children has a worse state education than I had and that says it all. If I could have afforded at te time I would have sent them to private schools. Its about children learning things and its not always a happy experience.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Ofsted under Woodehead was about him hogging the headlines, coming up with soundbites and him being on TV. When he was in charge Ofstd gave schools eleven weeks notice of an inspection. this meant schools could paper over cracks before Ofsted turned up. i know some useless school who sailed through Ofsted inspections under Woodhead. Now you get 4 days notice, and an Inspection is rally what it is suposed to be.

Don't be fooled by Woodhead's rhetoric. He was all talk, but little action.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Before Woodhead no one had ANY idea how a school was doing, I am sure he would have improved standards, but now we see ill educated young people all the time . The general knowledge they have is disgraceful. I would test the teachers as they have done in Chile and 75% failed. It would not be much different here .
I see they want to go on strike again for more pay and smaller class sizes. I had between 30 and 38 in my school classes and I had a much better all round education then they have today, but most of my teachers were ex service men who were just fantastic. When I met the type of weak people who taught my children i was appauled.

I am sure there are exceptions but not enough.