Why are the UKIP "patriots" so unpatriotic when it comes to the Royal Family ?

UKIP seem to have shot themselves in the foot (again) today by refusing to stand at the end of Prince Charles speech to British MEPs in Brussels.

Apparently UKIP's refusal to stand was because the Prince was apparently advocating a widening of EU powers. UKIP missed that he was making this important point in order to protect the environment, but hey, to hell with the environment, UKIP care little for that.

So get your election leaflets printed now to fight UKIP next year

I see the slogans now "Remember, UKIP were the only British political party who refused to stand up and applaud Prince Charles at the end of his speech and they don't care about the environment."

Update : Given that Galloway's "Respect" is falling apart, perhaps UKIP cold become "Lack or Respect".


Quiet_Man said...

It's probably because "Jug Lugs" is so pro EU.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But doesn't it show a complete lack of respect ?

Quiet_Man said...

Respect has to be earned, I see little of that in Charles or any of the Queens offspring.

The Daily Pundit said...

"But doesn't it show a complete lack of respect?"

Far from it. It's representative of a wider feeling throughout the country for the entire royal family.

Linda Jack said...

UKIP are destined to implode, they have abused their office, they have done nothing to advance their cause, or more importantly the cause of those they affect to represent, lets hope this is yet another nail in their multiple occupancy coffin!

asquith said...

UKIP have got horrendous environmental credentials. They're just the kind of idiots who would saw off the branch they're sitting on to prove a point. And stress their ideological purity. It's a shame we can't have a localised environmental disaster that affects only the headbangers! That would be both ironic and thoroughly deserved.

James Schneider said...

Why should anyone respect Charles? How has he earned it?

asquith said...

The Devil's Kitchen slags you off personally over this.


Apparently you're a fucking idiot! :)

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, I think he has linked to me twice in recent months, both times to call me a retard or something of that ilk.

My personal belief is that someone who uses the "f" word when they speak in anger has some justification, but someone who repeatedly uses it when writing an argued piece of prose uses is deliberately in the same way as jamie oliver uses the word "pucker" or "me old twinkle". In other words, just to be a twat. So I don't much care for what he says.

I did send a comment to his posting, but it did not get past the moderation stage so I think that says everything that needs to be said about him.

That said, Iain Dale's guide to blogging says that you should never be afraid to be controversial, and since two bloggers,Devils Kitchen (swears too much) and Nation of Shopkeepers (who I quite like and who Devils Kitchen ripped off) linked to this story, that is no bad thing.

Anonymous said...

I am angry because you're a fucking sick piece of work.