Just for the record, in case the government are interested, it's 36" and 31.5"

So obsessed are the government becoming with the collectionm and subsequent loss, of personal data, it is now being extended to having a national database of all school children and their results in tests.

There might possibly be some merit in such a system were it not for the fact that the government have as much idea of how to keep data secure as David Cameron knows what it is like to be poor. At every opportunity, be driving license information, child benefit, pensioners details, in fact just about any walk of life that the government collects data on can almost be guaranteed to be lost by them.

The problem is that nobody now trusts the government with data, and before they go around collecting in any more they need to prove they can be trusted with what they have already got.

The obsessional nature of this government, collecting data on everything that is measureable, but not what is important should also worry us all when you consider that they still want to press ahead with ID cars.

So what is the 36" and 31.5" mentioned in the title of this posting ? My waist and inside leg measurements. After all, the government are so obsessed with data I am sure they will require this at some time sooner or later.

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