Tate and Lyle show that big corporations can do the right thing if the public demand it

Before I get comments saying "It's a marketing ploy", of course Tate and Lyle's decision to make all their sugar Fair Trade is a good way of marketing their product in a more ethical way. But the decision to do it does show that corporations will listen if enough people lobby for something,

What we need now is for more and more people to start demanding that supermarkets cut the ridiculous amount of packaging from their products then perhaps Tesco, Sainsburys and the rest will see that there is a marketing opportunity for them.


asquith said...

Not to sound like a miserablist, but we should beware of large corporations trying to water down standards. The definition of "free range" is inadequate because the relevant farmers and supermarkets don't want to spend more on truly raising standards. Just a note of caution.

I bet predictable old Brendan O'Neill will be sniping about this in his next piss-weak column. :)

James Schneider said...

Of course your right Nich. The market responds to the consumers tastes. If we consume in line with our values then producers will start to create products that do too.