Labour realise that pagers are "so 1990's"

Remember the old joke that labour MP's used to get a message on their pager every few seconds reminding them to "breathe in, breathe out" ? Well it seems that Labour are to scrap the pagers that so dominated New Labour MP's from the time Tony Blair took charge in 1994.

Pagers have, of course, be superceded by text messaging, PDA's and other even newer gadgets, and it appears that labour have realised that pagers are much like the Labour Party itself, in that they are "so 1990's".
Perhaps too it is endemic of the problems that the Labour party are having now. They used to use the pagers to keep people on message. The pagers used to make policy announcements, report good news about the economy, or remind MP's how bad the Tories were. The Labour Party have a problem in that most people now are starting to forget how absolutely awful the last Tory government was and perhaps worse than that, Labour's policies are tired, repetitive (in that they announce them mopre than once) and there is no good new on the economy.
What's the need for a pager given these circumstances ?

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