Proof, if it is needed, that the government care little about keeping us safe from terrorists

The government want to introduce ID cards, so they say, to help us all be safer and protected from acts of terrorism. Those who oppose the government on this feel that ID cards are another method of the government controlling the population.

I agree with the opponenents of the government on ID cards. If you needed any proof as to why the terrorism arguments the government put forward are a falacy, then examine the fact that 121 jobs are going at the Defence Inteligence Staff (DIS). The DIS play an important role in the "war on terror" as they are the analysts who look at the information gathered by GCHQ, MI6, The Special Branch and foreign intelligence services.

If the government really wanted to keep us safe from terrorists, wouldn't they ensure that they were taking on an extra 121 staff at the DIS rather than cutting 121 posts ?

The ID card scheme is expected to cost between £6 bn and £10bn, which could find an enormous expansion in anti terrorist operations. But the truth is, the government need us to be scared. They need us to fear terrorism because this is their justification for introducing ID cards.

Next time a Labour politician knocks on your door ask them if they support the cuts in staff in the DIS ? Then ask them if they have a clue what is going on.

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