Are the "I want a referendum" crowd a Tory front ?

David heath has let it be known that he will vote for a referendum on the EU constitution, going against the party whip on this issue and possibly leading to him losing his place on the Lib Dem front bench. Well done to David heath for being consistent on this issue.

Which begs the questions, as David Heath alludes to HERE. why are the "I want a referendum" group holding a mock referendum in David Heath's Somerton and Frome constituency if he has and remains a supporter of a referendum ? The only people to gain from this are the Tories which again begs the question are the I want a referendum people driven by party political aims or by a real desire to have a referendum.

I support a referendum, but if adding my support to the I ant a referendum organisation actually seems to be a way of attacking Lib Dem and Labour marginalsto help the Tories then this organisation has lost my support,


Daily Referendum said...


Being a Conservative I found your post a little disturbing. I do not want this campaign to be used as a Tory front. So I rang the people at "I want a referendum" for an explanation. It seems that they have been trying to get an answer out of David for a while. They say that until the last couple of days his position has not been clear and they had still not heard from David. I asked if they would cancel the mock referendum in his constituency if he could guarantee his position. They said that it was too late as the ballot papers had already been sent out. But they did assure me that they would very publicly make it be known, both nationally and in David's constituency that he had supported and voted for the referendum.

This is not an ideal situation, but I hope it will end any fears of a Tory front.



Quiet_Man said...

I suspect it's from the original seeming united front of the Lib Dems when Clegg said the party was to vote in favour of the Treaty.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Steve, your information is welcome. However, David heath's position on this has been known for some time, as I understand it, even if he had not declared that he would vote against the treaty. I would like to know why the I want a referendum people were not targeting people clearly known to be pro treaty ?

Daily Referendum said...


I believe it was intended to hurt the party not the individual. They have targeted marginal Labour and Lib Dem seats. It is unfortunate that David Heath has been caught up in this if he has genuinely been pro-referendum from the start.

Trixy said...

Oh, wake up. Of course it's a Tory front. It's run by the Open Europe / Better Off In lot.

Tony said...

Just because the majority of supporters are Tory does not mean the campaign is a Tory front Trixy. Incidentally, why do you call BOO Better Off In?

Newmania said...

Trixy has lost me . I can say that the Conservative party have been utterly indifferent to my wishes to organise a protest against pro treaty Baker who is keeping it as quite as he possibly can