On Fidel Castro ...

I was going to write something clever and topical (I know, that would be a first), about Fidel Castro, but the Half Blood Welshman beat me to it.

It's well worth a read.


Anonymous said...

What about the great health care system and the fact that Cubans live 10 years longer than the yankies

Gary Elsby Commander in Chief, Stoke said...

Nick, er...everyones got a job. Everyones got free health with an individual job. Everyone can reed and rite. Very little crime (cos they've nothing to steal, duh!)

Everyone loves Fidel castro (including all Cubans)apart from the Yanquis, who through the Helms Burton Act (look it up, Nick) which gives anyone the right to kill a Sovereign leader of a Sovereign Country that has the right to 'self determination'.

Nich, I have a great deal of respect for people who are not Liberals.

Your unwritten garbage on Fidel Castro proves it beyond any doubt.



Norfolk Blogger said...

I publish your comment to highlight what a prize idiot you are.

I have not argued against any of these points and when it comes to obscure acts, I don't need to look them up.

You are being your usual idiotic argumentative self for no reason. Why you need to be abusive when I have not disgreed with you highlights why I ban your comments normally and will do so again from now on.

I don't mind a debate on the arguments, but to slag me off when I have not actualy disagreed with you is plainly ludicrous.

the joker said...

I don't undearstand you Nich? I don't actually see what you are having a go at gary for?
He appears to have followed your link to another blogger who then took Castro apart.Gary is on other blogs defending socialism and he does so here. You either agree with your link, or not. Gary seems to have taken exception that you have and has therefore responded in defence of Castro.
I think you are alittle harsh on someone who puts his name to his posts and wears his colours on his sleeve.
I give him credit for that.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Perhaps if he had a blogger ID, a link to which we could find out about him, I'd give him more credit and would certainly allow his postings, even the abusive ones I don't print.

I am not in to censorship, but sadly needs must in this extreme.

Norfolk Blogger said...

It is interesting to note that "the Joker" and Gary Elsby are both from "Stoke on Trent". A co-incidence ? I'm sure it is.

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

Many thanks for the link and the praise - both are much appreciated.

What a shame that "the Joker" didn't actually read the post, rather than listen to the rantings of Gary Elsby. He might find out that I don't "take Castro apart" although I'm certainly not so foolish as to believe he is a saint (as some do...)

If it's any consolation, I have to censor comments as well - Elsby's breched my "no-swearing" rule.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you appear to be wrong, Nick. I can see how you are wrong though.