Is the result in Maine the end of the road for Hillary ?

Whilst Barack Obama was having a good Saturday, winning a strong of Primaries across America, the Clinton camp hung on to the hope that they would have momentum again by wimming in Maine, where all the polls had Hillary Clinton in the lead. So the result in Main must have come as a terrible shock to the Clinton camp and the writing is surely on the wall now for her campaign.

In Maine, Clinton polled 40% to Obama's 59%. Coupled with losing a campaign manager and having to lend her own campaign $5 million, this could be the end of her campaign.


Anonymous said...

I don’t think Hillary is going to go down without fighting for the delegates she should have won in Florida and Michigan, had they not been expelled for holding their primaries too early. I think we can look forward to the prospects of a Clinton lawsuit. Most likely this will go down to the super delegates at the conference in August. This of course will be damaging as it gives McCain a big head start.

Norfolk Blogger said...

She shouldn't have got any delegates in Michigan at all. The Democrats said that no-one should be on the ballot but by rather devious methods she got herself on the ballot paper whilst Obama followed the rules and did not get his name on. It is not surprising she won 55% of the vote against "other".

Anonymous said...

I wanted Obama I am sure anyone on the Left does.

But can he beat McCain

I fear the Republicans will wipe the floor with him (backed by the media)

watch this space

Which of course brings us back to the domination of the right wing/Tory (or worse) press in the UK