Fearne Cotton and nepotism - How did you get here ?

Every week I like to have a look through my statistics and see how people are getting to this blog.

This week I have had a few hits on the subject of "Fearne Cotton" and "nepotism". Could it be that having watched the 2008 Brit awards and the continued fawning and dumbed down presenting skills of the aforementioned Miss Cotton that a few other people have come to the same conclusion as me that Fearne Cotton's regular appearances have a lot less to do with talent than her family tree ?

I hope these people were therefore happy to get linked to THIS story.


Anonymous said...

Nich, I read your comment on Jo A's post re the Golden Dozen. It does seem as though Jo makes alot of assumptions about people. Funny enough I have just posted my own comment on her post on the very subject you have written about here. Whether she allows it to be published is another matter. You may guessed we don't get on.

Wit and wisdom said...

Er, 'presenting skills'? She has none and she's thick, to boot