Forget caring about children, Wetherspoons are only worried about getting more binge drinkers in

The decision by J D Wetherspoons, the pub chain, to refuse to serve adults with children more than two alcoholic drinks has been painted by the company as an attempt to show responsibility and care for children, but reading all the statements from the company shows this is clearly a fallacy.

A spokesman for the company said it was "uncomfortable" with children being on the premises for long periods because of a lack of play facilities and added that parents visiting its pubs could even be refused soft drinks or coffee to curtail their stay.

So what is the message that Wetherspoons is sending out ? It appears that they don't want parents in drinking responsibly ? Why not, because parents with kids are less likely to get blind drink in the first place and are taking up valuable space at the bar that could be used by a binge drinker.

Whilst Wetherspoons might like to pretend they care about kids, lets not forget that if they cared that much they'd do more to protect binge drinkers. Their only care is their profits.

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GM said...

Absolutely. Want to know where the kids are after school? Try the nearest Wetherspoons. It's difficult to get served if you're over 18 as well.