Does anyone care about the "Celebrity Hijack" rehash of Big Brother ?

I used to be a big fan of Big Brother. I cannot explain what it was I liked about it, but I was hooked. However, when things went badly pear shaped last year in the Celebrity big brother version of the show I became more aware than before just how the producers of the show were pushing contestants to produce a form of "shock-porn", where people are almost seduced in to being allowed to be unpleasant, abusive and downright rotten to the core.

So when the normal version of Big Brother was launched last summer, I ignored it (along with several million other viewers) , and I did not miss it at all. Indeed, in many ways fro the outside, as a non Big Brother viewer I could see the show more for what it was, which sadly was a show about a bunch of nobodies and ignorant people playing up for the cameras in a desperate attempt to become famous. It was an epiphany. Indeed, the Emperor was not wearing any clothes.

So what has Channel 4 done this year in order to keep its advertising revenue up after they promised that there would be no more Celebrity Big Brother ? We have instead the launch of Big Brother - Celebrity Hijack, the premise of which I won't bore you with, but if you are an insomniac I could suggest you read a summary of the show HERE, or alternatively, if you don't have a wall to paint and watch dry, you could watch the show tonight on Channel 4.

Now where is that tin of Dulux ?


Anonymous said...

Nich, The show was a bit of a let down. I wasn't surprised that Davina was absent. Perhaps she didnt want anything to do with a watered down version. Yes it's all about money again.
But it's interesting how the producers for the summer Big Brother shows pick out the looniest, craziest exhibitionists all for our entertainment. I think we are a nation of car crash tv watchers.
Not sure if the Hollywood writers strike is still on, but I have been watching some re-runs of The Jerry Springer Show on the 'Living TV' channel. They have upped the pace there and some nights it gets wild and out of control. They even have a man there who now rings a boxing ring bell, at which point the fighting guests go hammer and tongs with each other.. ( a little bit like the Lib Dem and Tory bloggers.. haha).


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I certainly don't care for any of that stuff, Nich.

CEO and Founder Mr. Chris Jones said...

To much entertainment on tv. Not enough learning and I don't consider Myth Busters a solution either!

or Me!