What a bizarre way to die ?

After all the misinformation about Benazir hutto's death, the real cause of death has finally been announced.

The initial claim that she had been shot twice was wrong, as was the subsequent claim that she was struck by shrapnel from the bomb. Instead, it turns out that the shockwave from the bomb rocked her bomb proof car, but as she had been waving to the crowd through her sunroof, she was not strapped in to the car seats meaning she hit her head on the plastic handle of the sunroof, causing her to have a fractured skull.

One commentator on the radio yesterday suggested that Mrs Bhutto's vanity had got the better of her when waving from the sunroof whilst her aides were trying to get her in to her car as quickly as possible, and it appears that this vanity might well have caused what turns out to be a bizarre and almost unique cause of death.


David Anthony said...

Nonetheless, she was still murdered by the bomb.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I am sure that the Pakistan Interior Ministry is as honest and open as day is long!?!. They did wait until the body was buried before announcing the autopsy result so that no-one would be checking!