Proof that Labour spends more money in Labour areas

I missed this piece of evidence showing that the Labour government spends more money in Labour areas than they do in areas with councils and MP's of other parties.

Well done to Lib Dem MP David Laws for finding this out.


Newmania said...

Goodness me that is a suprise and it is good spot. The problem with this ad hoc sleuthing its that it ignores the real problem which is that is you take peoples money away from them and give it to politically controlled bureaucrats of course the system will be corrupt.
I have been thinking about this in the context of Norman Baker who I would like to see removed .He has spent £1000,000 on unearthing waste and some of it is impressive stuff.

He is however a pro EU nut and Beveridge group member and thefore commited to retaining this corruption which is an unavoidable part of big state government.
I cannot see that any Liberal who is commited to tax and spend policies , which most are , can comment on corruption without it being a compromised stance from the start.
That may be a harsh comment on some. CLegg seems alright (apart from the EU and immigration)

PS I do rate Baker for exposing Chris Huhnes travel expense mountain...tee bitchy ..hee

Norfolk Blogger said...

The problem most Tories have with Norman Baker is that he is doing the work of an opoosition MP that the Tories are failing to do.

I like him.

Grendel said...

Links in with the disproportionate spending on hospitals in Labour constituencies picked up in the Times a couple of weeks ago.

But is anyone actually suprised?

Newmania said...

he is doing the work of an opoosition MP

I think a lot of people like him he is harmless enough I`m sure . What I was trying to say was that Politics is about politics not about journalism which is actually the job he is doing.How long can you go on exposing corruption before you start to wonder if there ought to be a 'political solution' to do with accountability through markets and choice.Things he does not like...why not ? Lets see what he has to say...

That is his job the rest of it is his hobby.


RobC said...

Something that ties in Norman Baker and the subject of this blog is the campaign to reopen the Uckfield - Lewes rail link. The admirable Baker has strongly supported this campaign for years. However the Government minister involved has effectively turned her nose up at the proposal. This despite agreeing to the hugely expensive Crossrail proposals which surprise surprise are set to benefit key marginals and Labour constituencies.

It really is a waste of time supporting Labour as a centre-left voter if you happen to live in Tory rural areas. As for Baker Newmania you are fortunate to have such a dedicated MP.

Anonymous said...

Sunday Times 30th December
Labour cut Tory lead to 5% Libs up
Cameron honeymoon over