Not the perfect Christmas present for the people of Horsford from BT

I thought I'd phone my brother earlier and was slightly surprised that I got the wrong number, especially given the fact that I have his number programmed in to my mobile phone. So I left it half an hour and phoned again, only to get the same unusual voice answer the phone. I explained that I had got the wrong number. She interjected to say she had had a few wrong numbers to day and could I explain what number I had phoned. It turns out her phone number shares just two digits with my brother's number, but she is receiving all his calls.

At this point she started to show some concern and asked if I could phone her real number. I did this for her and got an elderly gentleman who believe that his phone number is significantly different to the number I phoned. Now having spoken to my brother I learn that to phone him up I have to phone up a completely different number again to be able to be put through to his house.

In short, BT seem to have swapped and muddled up dozens of phone numbers of people who live in the Norfolk village of Horsford. It's just what you need before Christmas, your family completely unable to speak to you. Merry Christmas BT.

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