The brazen hypocricy of David Cameron

A few weeks ago the press was full of criticism from David Cameron of the Labour party, with David Cameron's cronies particularly enjoying having a go at the Scottish labour leader, Wendy Alexander, after she received a small donation from a voter not registered to vote in the UK.

So it is really completely appalling to find out that David Cameron's own constituency party in Witney have themselves broken the same rule, but in this case it was for a significantly larger sum than received by Wendy Alexander in Scotland.

What do you call someone who says one thing but does another ? Hypocrite ? A liar ? No. it's David Cameron.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr Angry.

Where to start?

David Cameron had no knowledge of the donation, when it was discovered by his constituency Association it was then returned ASAP.

Have you handed the Brown money back yet?

Iain Dale said...

What utter, utter bollocks. There is no comparison at all. his Association filed it as an impermissible donation and returned it to the Electoral Commission unmprompted by the media or anyone else.

What do you think they should have done differently?

As you well know, constituency associations of all parties are staffed by unpaid volunteers. Are you suggesting that David Cameron was even aware of these donations? Wendy Alexander wrote a thank you letter for a donation which any fool could see wasn't proper.

A bit like Charlie Kennedy acceptiung £2.4 million from convicted fraudster Michael Brown, eh?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, you are wrong on two major points.

Firstly, was Michael brown a convicted fraudster when he offered the money ? - The answer was no.

Secondly, did the lib Dems break any rules on this money since they asked the lectoral commission if they could accept it ? Again, the answer is no bcause the electoral commission gave permission.

It's like saying the Tories gave apeerage to a known fraudster (Conrad Black) or a convicted liar (Jeffrey Archer).

So please Iain, what is your evidence that Charles Kennedy accepted money knowingly from a convicted fraudster ?

You have to accept Iain that the rules on receiving donations is clear. If, as David Cameron has done, you throw mud at other parties for errors, then you have to be whiter than white yourself.

Norfolk Blogger said...
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Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, I have explained the difference.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, I have explained the difference.

Anonymous said...

when will sleazy David Cameron resign

the overseas sleaze money stops at his door in his constituency

Cannot wait for the Ashcroft money and West Midlands Industrial to be uncovered

or maybe the Tories will come clean on it first.......

dont hold your breath