My 8 wishes for 2008 - Iain Dale's Meme

I received an e-mail this morning from Iain Dale telling me "You've been fingered", fortunately, the sentence went on to add "to take part in my meme about your 8 wishes for 2008".

So my wishes are

1) For Everton to win the a cup (UEFA, Carling or FA Cup).
2) Norwich City to survive in the Championship and be in the top three by next Christmas.
3) The Lib Dems to be consistently polling 20%+.
4) For my blog to have doubled its daily number of visitors.
5) For Justin Hinchcliffe to write something nice about the Lib Dems.
6) For all British forces to be out of Iraq.
7) To stil have no grey hair by the end of 2008 (I am 37 next month and still have no grey !)
8) To have found a genuinely useful application or use for Facebook.

So there we have it. An eclectic mix of self interest, vanity and ignorance.

I now nominate Paul Walter - (aka Liberal Burblings), Cassilis, The Thunder Dragon, Harry Haddock (aka Nation of Shopkeepers) , Ordovicius and, breaking Iain Dale's rules that I should only nominate five other blogs, I'll nominate Justin Hinchcliffe (aka The Hunter and Shooter) to see is he can make one of my 8 wishes come true early.

Merry Christmas to all I have "tagged", but also to all bloggers I link to and anyone who reads this blog.

1 comment:

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

I was nice about Lynne Featherstone the other day - what more do you want? (-:

Will answer your questions when I start to feel better.

Merry Christmas, Nich!