Lib Dems up again in fresh ICM opinion poll

Doesn't last summer seem like a very long time ago ?

Labour had a big opinion poll lead and the Lib Dems were languishing down at between 12-14% in the opinion polls. how things can change.

In the wake of the Labour party funding crisis and the Lib Dem leadership contest, the lib Dems have made a steady climb up the polls, and the latest poll has more good news for the Lib Dems too.

The ICM opinion poll for the News of the World showed Labour had slumped by five points to 30%, with the Tories up one to 41%. The Liberal Democrats were up one point on 19%, according to ICM polling on Wednesday and Thursday.

With a new leader in place in just a few weeks time, whoever takes over has a really strong base on which to build. the aim now should be to overtake Labour. Given their trials and tribulations, this is not an impossible task.

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