Iraqi interpreters tricked out of asylum by Labour

There was a furore a few months ago when it was first announced that Iraqis working as interpreters for UK forces in Basra were not going to be given asylum in the UK. After a strong media campaign the government made sympathetic sounds and indicated that it would re-visit there decision. However, the figures show that the government has done very little to help the interpreters since then.

Of 200 applicants, 125 have been rejected on the basis of their absenteeism from duties in Basra. As the example in The Times makes clear, UK forces have been keen to tell Iraqi interpreters to stay at home if they are receiving threats. This, in turn leads to the absenteeism with them disbars these Iraqis from successfully getting asylum in the UK.

So it does lead you to ask if it is a deliberate policy of the government to tell the army to tell Iraqis to stay at home so that this Labour government can refuse them asylum ? It certainly sounds like a very sick and nasty trick.

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