I'm getting fed up with all the reading between the lines of the leadership race

Today it is Vince Cable's comment that the Lib Dem leadership race is very close and he would be happy to work with wither of the candidates. I saw the interview on the Andrew Marr show this morning. I saw it as a bland statement which in essence gives nothing away, still gives everyone an incentive to vote, and favours no one candidate over the other. Yet upon this statement being made, team Huhne are using it as further justification of their assetion that the result will be very close.

I personalky don't see it the same way.

Vince Cable has not been in either campaign team, he does not have access to inside information, he would not know any details of voting patterns so far. So he knows nothing other than what is in the media. And since the media is full of stories from team Huhne saying how close it is, he is merely repeating their own lines back to them.

If Vince had said anything other than what he said, it would have been seen as biased towards Nick Clegg, so he avoided that and said the diplomatic thing.

I would suggest team Huhne stop trying to read between the lines as there is a very real danger they might make themselves look very silly when the result is announced.


Rob Fenwick said...


I'm not part of team Huhne, and you're reading way too much in to what an innocuous web link.

Other than that, you're spot on...


RobC said...

And so says a Cleggite! What do you expect the Huhne camp to do - give up the ghost and roll over? As far as I can see it has been a spirited campaign and indeed a breath of fresh air compared to the pre-ordained coronation of Gordon Brown. Whoever wins will have truly deserved to do so and hopefully all the party will be prepared to unite behind him.

The last Radical said...

I agree with Rob, this was an innocuous web link on Chris's site.
'Team Clegg' seems very thin-skinned, and a bit jumpy at the moment. Could it be that your man isn't the shoe-in you were assured?
Or that the endorsement from all those Clegg supporting MPs (who backed Ming last timne) isn't winning over the grass roots?

What is more significant is the posting on the Abrahams affair. Chris's action has had an effect there, and 'great communicator' Clegg has been silent on the issue.

Norfolk Blogger said...

And yet again, another "reading between the lines" comment from a Huhne suporter. I am nothing to do with any campaign. I voted for Clegg, that's as far as it goes. Then a Huhne supporter reads what I write, turns it around, resprays it and turns it in to a "Clegg Camp scared" comment.

Absolutely daft.

Anonymous said...

Though I hope that Clegg wins, I hope that Team Clegg will not count its chickens before they're hatched. That kind of arrogance could become expensive for any candidate.

Therefore Cable's statement is also a good reminder for the supporters of Clegg that they should send their votes. The election is not won yet.

Rob Fenwick said...

"there is a very real danger they might make themselves look very silly when the result is announced"

Care to retract that now the result has been announced?

Norfolk Blogger said...

No. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.