Yes, to a Chicken Pox Vaccine

There are two very good reasons for supporting a Chicken Pox vaccine.

1) It will save children's lives.

2) It will boost vaccine production facilities in this country ready for future pandemics (bird flu ?)

So yes, a very good idea. I doubt the government will do it though.


Tristan said...

This is the sort of thing which leaves me in two minds.
Compulsion to have medical treatment is a shady area...

On balance though, since Chicken Pox is a communicable disease there is a public health argument to be made (unlike say obesity) and I'd come down on the side of at the very least offering it free in schools.

I'm not sure about point 2 though, but the public health argument is sufficient in this case.

ZanderLibra said...

Depending on how the vaccine works, it may also save adult lives.

I know little of how much it cost, and that is what it will most likely come down to.

I am aware that there are types of medication were you can be advised not to go near people with chicken pox.

I also imagine there will also be medical conditions that make chickenpox more dangerous.