Why did the police turn up with press photographers at Harry Redknapp's home ?

I have to agree with Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp when he explained that he was

"deeply upset that my home was raided at 0600 with press photographers in tow, when the allegations had nothing whatsoever to do with me".

I think there is something very rotten in the police force that they should turn up with the press. Either the police were working with the press on this, in which case it is completely wrong. Alternatively the press were tipped off by a policeman, in which case the police need to investigate this and take action against the officer concerned.

Whatever the answer is, it is completely and utterly wrong that the press should be "in" on the knowledge of when the police intend to raid houses.

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Anonymous said...

It has to be hoped this does not affect the FA's decision when choosing the next England manager.

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