Lib Dem MP's son starts blogging

I was a little surprised today to see that a Mr N Lamb, a Liberal Democrat with strong links to North Norfolk, had started blogging.

In this case, it is Ned Lamb, youngest son of our very own Norman Lamb, who has become the latest Norfolk Lib Dem to start blogging. His blog is called Liberal Talk 24

I've known Ned since he was actually quite little (I first met him when he was about five) and in recent years he always struck me as being a lot keener of football than politics. What his parents were always keen to do, as far as I could see, was never to ram politics down the throats of the whole family. However, I was delighted to read that Ned has, of his own choice, become an active and keen Lib Dem.

Ned is new to this blogging lark and it is still in its infancy so give him time to find his feet and I'm sure it will be well worth a read.


Paul Walter said...

Yes, always nice to see some raw blogging from a youngster - my goodness me, his masthead needs sorting out!

Liberal Talk 24 said...

my masthead is very NICE!!! just being a bit creative, loving the dialog though

Liberal Talk 24 said...

THANKS NICK MUCH APPRICIATED , thanks for the highlighted url , a great help for me getting started

Paul Walter said...

Yes, your masthead is very nice Ned, I see you've changed it now. The photo graphic was excellent but it was so big you had to page down to read your postings. Anyway, sorted now.

Liberal Talk 24 said...

Paul Walter, you seem like a nice chap , you have my long term support for your blog