The satisfaction in seeing (some) players who leave your team fail

It is a difficult thing for any football fan to see their ex heroes pulling on the shirt of another team, but in some cases there is a certain smug satisfaction in seeing certain players fail miserably after they have demanded and got the move they have craved.

At Norwich, we have something of a history of seeing players leave to go on to supposedly better things. But what defines the reception they receive when they return playing for the opposition or the way the fans speak of them on the terraces is based very much on the manner of their leaving.

Take for example Craig Bellamy, who started his career at Norwich, didn't publicise his wish to leave, didn't make use of "release" clauses, didn't leave the team high and dry, and as a result, he is still applauded whenever he has played at Carrow Road. Another example is Robert Green, who had the chance to leave earlier, but played out a whole season with Norwich in the Championship after the club was relegated because he wanted to do his very best to see if he could help Norwich go up. You won't find a Norwich fan with a bad word to say about him after he left to go to West Ham.

Then there are the one's who you cannot help but dislike. Dean Ashton, is one such example. He barely stayed at the club for 12 months, seemed desperate to leave the club and take the easy option of joining a Premiership team rather than playing hard for Norwich to ensure that Norwich were a Premiership team, and appeared to let it be known that he wanted to leave. His name is still dirt in Norwich.

Joining Dean Ashton though, and perhaps the one that Norwich fans are taking particular delight in at the moment is Rob Earnshaw. When he joined Norwich he had a clause inserted in to his contract meaning the club were obliged to sell him in for a fixed price meaning the club was unable to make any money on the deal.

So it is with great relish that Norwich fans, despite being bottom of the Championship like to make mention at every opportunity of the fact that Earnshaw has, for Derby, not scored a goal all season. So well done to Rob Earnshaw again today for another clean sheet !


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I'll never forget the 2002 playoffs...

I never forgave Savage for the bad grace he showed when he left us to play for Blackburn.

Jonny Wright said...

On that note, as a keen McLaren fan, I sincerely hope Fernando Alonso get utterly creamed next season, whichever team takes him in!

Craig Murray said...

Norwich produced a stream of great midfielders who went on to better things, but peculiarly strikers who look great with Norwich never live up to that promise after leaving. Hence Earnshaw and Ashton, and also MacDougall and Boyer, and a few inbetween. I don't think Sutton was ever as good again as when he was a Canary.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Robert Fleck too fits in to that category.

With my Everton hat on too, I think most Evertonians have a lot of time for Gary Lineker whilst care little for Wayne Rooney. The manner and lies surrounding Rooney's departure left far too many scars.

Craig Murray said...

Are you related to the Starlings who have the shop in Sheringham?

Norfolk Blogger said...

No. I have no relatives in North Norfolk, only friends.