Has Cameron got his figures wrong again ?

After David Cameron lied about children's attainment in literacy and maths in order to slag off the Labour government (and the teaching profession to boot) during the week, one has to question his ability to do simple arithmetic. But it appears he might be a serial
liar when it comes to statistics.

Top Lib Dem blogger Paul Walter points out that David Cameron has stated what appears to be the wrong amount on the register of members interests.

Oh dear Dave, aren't you supposed to be preaching a new kind of politics ? If that's the case, why tell lies about children's pass rates and why does it appear to me that you are you not being honest on the register of members interests ?

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AndyW said...


Don't know if you've seen this - http://www.ministryoftruth.org.uk/2007/10/30/something-whiffy-this-way-comes/

There are other posts on this website regarding Mr Cameron's travels. Very interesting given his 'Green' proclamations.