Labour's "poisoned" Generation - A reason to never ever vote Labour

Today's admission by the government that personal data for 25 million people (and 7.5 million families) has been lost is not just going to cause problem in the short term for millions of people. It potentially causes problems for a whole generation of people for the rest of their lives.

My details were on those disks. My national insurance number, my bank account, all my other personal details were there too. For me, it means that I am now very exposed to identity theft, card fraud, you name it, just about any sort of financial fraud is now, for me, a major problem. And this might not be an immediate problem. I can change my bank account (and already have an appointment to do this) but I don't want to move house. My N.I. number is fixed for life, in fact, most of the details the government just chucked in the back of a TNT lorry cannot be changed and are therefore in the hands of someone else and is useful to them until the day I die.

But what about my son. No, he is not safe too. His full name, his date of birth, both vital pieces of information, have also been given away. Who is to say that this information will not be of use too to a fraudster in 18 years time ?

The truth of it is that Labour have poisoned a generation of families and their children with the danger of ID fraud, and this will remain with us for the rest of out lives. This is something that Labour cannot and should not be forgiven for.

I have always described myself as a slightly left of centre politician and could not see any circumstance where I would vote Conservative. In a two way fight between a Tory and a Labour candidate, I would have always voted Labour. If I voted in London and I had to give a second preference or if I was voting under an alternative vote system, I would have always, ALWAYS gone for Labour as my second choice (after the Lib Dem of course).

But no.

Thanks to this cack handed disgrace of a government decided to expose my family for the rest of out lives to fraudsters, I could never ever contemplate voting for them as a second, third or even 57th choice. Indeed, I would rather vote Green, and believe me, that is how much I hate Labour right now.


Charlotte Gore said...

Welcome to where I've been for quite a few months now.

Anonymous said...

This is an appalling indictment of this government. If they had £25 million pounds they would send it by armed guard and not a courier, but 25 million bits of data (our data not theirs), and it is given to TNT and to hell with OUR safety.

Charlotte Gore said...

anon, exactly, that's *exactly* the problem.