Ken Livingstone - Propaganda Minister for the Metropolitan Police

Ken Livingstone this morning on the Andrew Marr show gave us the clearest and most obvious reason why someone else, indeed anyone else would be a better Mayor of London than him.

He repeated the lie that the Metropolitan Police made and used this as a reason why Sir Ian Blair should keep his job. He said words to the effect of "If Jean Charles de Menezes had not made that move towards the Police, he might not have been shot"

Sorry Ken, what move was that ? Was this the move that the two armed policemen who shot him said he made after they shouted their warning ? It's odd, because all 18 witnesses on the train in question, 18 people with no axe to grind, 18 people who did not get together and collude when making their statements, all agreed that no warning was shouted by the police, and importantly, and this is where Ken Livingstone showed himself up to be a propagandist on behalf of the Police, all agreed that Jean Charles de Menezes made no move towards the police.

So Ken's statement says that if you make no move, if you receive no warning, and if this is witnessed by 18 people, you will still be shot and he will still defend the police force that did it. Is this really the Ken Livingstone that we all remember ? A man who might have been wrong on so many issues, but a man of conviction none the less.

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Lynne said...

Interesting interview - which I'd missed until your blog posting - so thanks.

Now blogged my own views too.