Before pointing the finger at Labour, the Tories have to accept they were the first to break the military covenant

We hear much of the breaking of the military covenant at the moment. This guarantee or bond that the government will look after the military, make sure they are properly equipped and ensure that they are looked after properly if they are injured, is a fundamental principle that all governments are expected to uphold. On this day it is even more poignant and important.

Let's be clear, in so many areas Labour have failed in this duty. But how on earth the Tories can point the finger is beyond me.

The biggest problem at the moment is the monumental lack of care for injured soldiers and servicemen returning from active service, and not just physical injuries, but also dealing with the mental scars of war. But it was the Tories who closed military hospitals in the 1990's in order to save money. Take a look at the seven military hospitals that existed in the early 1990's, and you can see that six of them were closed by the last Tory government.

If the Conservatives will apologise to the military for this short sighted cost cutting, then perhaps I could accept their criticism of Labour. But until then, they just sound like massive hypocrites.


Edis said...

I suppose they long ago closed down my birthplace ( British Military Hospital Bergkirchen, Niedersachsen, British Occupation Zone Germany...) which name gives me occasional hassle when I have to fill in place of birth information..

Paul Walter said...

Good point Nich.