England to qualify for Euro 2008 ? Who'd have thunk it ?

I laughed yesterday when I heard Steve McClaren, the England Manager, saying that qualification for the European Football Championships is decided over 12 games, not one, and that there were many more twists to come yet. The phrase "clutching at straws" came to mind. And then what goes and happens ? Israel beat Russia and all England need is a draw to qualify now.

It makes McClaren seem like some sort of visionary genius now. The only problem is, now that England only need a draw, what chance is there that we will still lose against Croatia ?


IanP said...

We just have to ensure that Gordon does not go to the match.

His legend of being a Jonah was only raised yesterday with his attendance at the Scotland match, which they lost.

Anonymous said...

It has been a good lesson for the England squad. The Premiership should be

reformed, limiting the number of foreign players in a club. This will allow local talents to

emerge for future England Squad. Its a question of national prestige and not the huge

amount of money which is involved in the Premiership. Many foreign players playing for

Premiership Clubs will participate in the Euro 2008, its a shame for the local

boys.Hope my comments will have some effect on the Premiership Director.

ryden said...

Capello came, England Win..Go Ahead!!!