Autopsy on Channel 4 - Self indulgent titilation

I turned over from the football highlights last night in to what I at first thought was some sort of spoof TV programme. It seemed to involve an artist drawing and painting on a body of a very attractive and curvaceous woman was completely naked (and well trimmed if you get my drift), and then a rather odd foreign sounding "mad" professor hacking away at what appeared to be a dummy.

To my horror, the dummy actually turned out to be a real corpse whilst the purpose of the completely naked woman seemed to be in order to provide some titillation for the audience both at home and in the studio.

The programme, apparently called "Autopsy - Life and Death" has a rather interesting "blurb" on the Channel Four website which says "Following on from Anatomy for Beginners which concentrated on the anatomy of life, anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens and pathologist Professor John Lee now turn to the process of understanding death"

The problem was though that the Mad Professor type,who hacked through the corpse with such speed that he didn't leave the corpse in a good state, cutting chunks away in a rather distasteful manner, and to be honest, from the 15 minutes I saw, I learnt nothing that I couldn't have learnt from a book or a documentary.

To me it was just awful shock television, with the titillation of dead bodies and a completely naked woman.

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