A way to help the Lib Dems make money and take money from the Tories

Am I the only person fed up with seeing on Google ads the advert on the right of this page placed by a Tory PPC ?
Now if my limited understanding of Google adsense is correct, Chris Philp, the Tory who placed the advert, pays Google to have the ad placed on peoples blogs. He also has to pay more if the advert unit is clicked on. So by clicking on the advert he is forced to pay more to Google but, most importantly, the person whose blog the advert appeared on receives in some cases a payment from Google.
Now I am happy to be corrected, but it strikes me that if every Liberal Democrat clicked on the advert by Chris Philp every time they see his advert on someone elses blog, the person whose blog it is would be paid and Chris Philp is out of pocket.
Surely this is the simplest fund raising scheme ever for the Lib Dems ?

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Matt Wardman said...

If he's got it right it'll be about 2p per click.

If he hasn't got it right it may work.

Why not ban the ad and all click on it on my blog? vbg

Of course - all your readers amy become Tories.