And the muddying of the waters begins

No sooner is a leadership election announced that people start trying to smear candidates or put false labels on to people in order to confuse the situation.

The first signs of this are Iain Dale, who is claiming that Charles Kennedy is the only person who can save the Lib Dems. Iain knows as well as I do that many Tories are fearful of the damage that Nick Clegg could have on them. This is just a case of Iain trying to be political rather than objective, in my opinion.

Then we have Lib Dems, apparently concerned about integrity in the party who feel it necessary to show their integrity by criticising potential candidates and accusing them of not being very liberal.

The one thing we Lib Dems all need to do now is pull together, be mindful of stories from people in other political parties but not accept them as being in our best interests, but avoid at all costs slagging off a future leader. Let all the candidates make their cases and then get behind whoever wins. We need to give our new leader the very best chance possible to set out their stall.


Anonymous said...

Kennedy is hated by English Nationalists for his ignorant anti English comments in the past although we now realize he was probrably tired and emotional at the time. What England does not need is another scotsman running a political party.

5tracks said...

I completely agree - there's nothing more damaging than a three or four way split complete with slagging match between bloggers in the libdem blogosphere.

I'm not going to say who I support as leader yet - I haven't heard what the potential candidates have to say yet - in fact no candidates has come forward yet.

We need to stand behind the candidate we want as a future leader but at the same time be mindful that anyone standing could be leader and support them regardless.

Jock Coats said...

The article on Nick Clegg was of course written at eleven this morning, in response not to the possibility of a leadership campaign but his response, a flat out rejection, to Brunstrom's report. I think it is quite legitemate comment on Nick's reaction to it, and I'd been writing something all day, but pulled it just as I heard all the kerfuffle on the news at half six.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Clegg and Huhne do a deal and the fianl line up is Nick Clegg vs Steve Webb

Iain Dale said...

Nich, I wrote what I honestly believe. Personally, if I were a LibDem I woul vote for Nick Clegg, and you are right about your assertion that he is the candidate many Tories fear. I will write on this tomorrow, but you attribute a false motive to me.

AndyW said...

"but avoid at all costs slagging off a future leader." - just like the last one eh?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Nicely edited comments AndyW.

The full quote was " but avoid at all costs slagging off a future leader. Let all the candidates make their cases and then get behind whoever wins. We need to give our new leader the very best chance possible to set out their stall."

I didn't criticise Ming for 18 months, I gave him every chance and then, only then, did I criticise.

Perhaps you should quote whole passages rather than part of sentences ?

AndyW said...

Hi Nich,

Edited as any tabloid editor would !!

If you take the full sentence, it is something that you could easily have posted 2 years ago before the Ming dynasty and I firmly believe while you are right to argue policy you should back your leader.

While he was poor initially at PMQs, if you followed the later encounters he frequently got the better of Blair on the substance to get his questions ignored. Sadly the format of PMQs never gave him the chance to come back that the Boy David gets.

The Lib Dem problems are not the leadership, your clothes have been stolen by the Tories (then NuLab steal them of the Tories !!). You need to play the long game and not pander to the MSM and polls that are extremely volatile. In my opinion the public want a safe pair of hands at the helm. When Iran blows up, and believe me it will, the wisdom of Ming will be sadly missed. Brown may not be as gung-ho as Blair but his anti-war track record ain't good.

Just watch, the Boy David and Boy George will wear very thin with a significant swathe of the country.The last thing you'll need is a clone.

PS Think your broadsheet entries were good.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Andy, I agree with almost everything you say.

I will continue to do some broadsheet stories, but whish some people would comment on them so I know they are being read (hint hint).

Thanks for your response.