Tory Hypocrisy - Tories fail to heed Iain Dale's policy advice

Iain Dale has rightly highlighted a dreadful plan by the Labour government to take 5% of any money left in school budgets at the end of each financial year. As Iain says, this hits those schools hardest that are saving for a large capital programme, perhaps buying a minibus or any other number of expensive things needed in schools.

This would be a great story of how awful Labour are were it not for the fact that Norfolk County Council, a Conservative run County, has for the last few years been desperately trying to introduce a similar scheme which involves the County Council taking back the majority of any unspent funds each year from schools that have been careful with their money. This Tory scheme promised to be even more punitive scheme than that envisioned by the Labour government. Tory plans have so far been defeated, mainly because of public pressure and threats by schools that they would spend all their money, before the County could get their hands on it (a check of how many schools in Norfolk have bought mini buses in the last year would certainly show where the money had gone).

Hypocrisy ? Well not from Iain Dale, but certainly the Tories cannot claim the moral high ground on this one.

Update : I have changed tohe title so as not to be accused of throwing malicious allegations at Iain Dale. he has not been hypocritical, but the Tories I believe are on this issue.


AndyW said...

Hi Nich,

Surely proves there's no difference between Labour & the Tories. They're same old, same old .......

Iain Dale said...

As someone has explained on my blog, you seem to be conflating two different schemes. But whatever, I am quite happy to criticise a Tory Council if I think it is doing wrong. In this case NCC didn't have a choice as far as I can see. It is a government diktat. So no hypocrisy I'm afraid. LibDem Councils are doing it too.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, I think I make the point that you are not being a hypocrite, but the Tories could do better on this issue. Can you tell me any Lib Dem councils that are clawing back money in this way ? I'd happily criticise them for doing it.

Iain Dale said...

Your headline suggests otherwise! And don't blame your sub-editor!
You ask for any Lib Dem councils. Well, any that run an LEA.

Anonymous said...

NCC have to do this under government policy. The money isn't taken away from schools but simply re-distributed. Have you ever wondered why schools have over £20m in the bank - this is money built up from revenue receipts i.e. money for today that should be spent on today's education.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'm afraid you don't understand school funding.

Schools are paid for the pupils they had the previous year, which means that different numbers in each year group have to be balanced out by having a reserve.

Also i know of schools whop have had someone off school as a result of an accident. the school has funded the replacement/temporary/supply teacher from reserves, then the insurance company involved in the accident have re-imbursed the school. Is it right that Norfolk CC should then try and snatch that money.

As to the point that County Council have to do this, why is it that Norfolk County Council have so far been unable to do it (because of school pressure and public opinion) ?